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Gifts for Jewish holidays and special occasions:
There are a few major events in the life of a Jewish person. Following is a short guide to some of these
significant events including tips for appropriate
Jewish gift for holidays and special occasions.

Brit mila [bris] – Jewish ritual circumcision
When a Jewish male is born, a ritual circumcision is held on the eighth day after the child's birth. The
circumcision is a sign of accepting God's covenant. The godfather holds the baby during circumcision which is
considered to be a great honor. The mohel is an authorized circumciser who performs the ritual act. On this
occasion, the baby is publicly given his name.

Bar Mitzvah / Bat Mitzvah :
Bar Mitzvah translates to "son of commandment". According to the Jewish law, when a Jewish boy turns
thirteen, he traditionally becomes a responsible man. At that age, the boy is obligated to follow God’s
commandments and take an active part in religious life.
The young Jewish girl celebrates
Bat-mitzvah .The Jewish girl celebrates her womanhood at twelve, a year
earlier than a boy, since girls mature earlier. She too, becomes obligated by God's commandments.

A special ceremony is held on Jewish weddings.  Judaism views marriage as a sacred contract between man
and woman, as such, they sign a traditional document called ktuba. The bride and groom share a sacred
promise: “I am my beloved and my beloved is mine”. At the peak of the ceremony, the bride accepts a ring from
her groom under a chuppah, which is a marriage canopy. After the bride and groom drink wine from the same
glass the groom breaks the glass with his foot.
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Jewish Holidays:
Rosh Hashana
This holiday marks the beginning of the new year according to the Jewish calendar [around September]. Rosh
Hashanah celebrates life and the world's creation. It is also time for self-examination and self-judgment, in
order to become a better person in the upcoming year. On Rosh Hashana, Jewish people greet each other with
"shana tova".

When spring comes, Jews commemorate the freedom of Jewish nation by celebrating Passover. At this
holiday, Jews follow a special diet: they are not allowed to eat bread or other foods that are made of wheat.
Instead, they eat matzahs and other traditional foods. At the holiday's festive dinner, which is called Seder, the
family traditionally gathers around the table, often including guests, while reading the haggada that tells the
story of Exodus. .

Hanukkah, the Festival of Lights, is celebrated closely to Christmas. The holiday is observed by the kindling of
the lights of
hanukkah menorah that is lit for eight-successive days. This ritual celebrates the rededication of
the Second temple of Jerusalem by the Maccabees. The Jews celebrate the victory of ancient heroes with
traditional food, special games, mainly dreidels and a lot of colorful candles!

In Purim, the Jews read the book of Esther [in Hebrew; megilat Esther]. This lovely traditional tale tells the story
of Queen Esther who bravely saves the Jews from the hand of Haman. This happy holiday is celebrated by
giving away sweet foods and gifts to the poor, and the most fun part - masquerading.
Popular Gifts for Jewish events:
Brit milah gifts ideas:   
Items in Hamsa design [hand symbol used for protection from evil eye]:wall sculpture, charm, jewelry. Other
gifts appropriate for this occasion - family blessing, Hebrew birth plate.

Bar-Mitva, Bat, Mitzva,
The popular gifts for Jewish these celebration are religious items, books of religious content, tallit.
For girls the popular gifts are quite similar, adding Jewelry of Jewish content. A nice gift for Jewish Bat-mitzva
girl is a Star-of David- pendant, one of the most significant motifs in the Jewish tradition. Or any silver/gold
pendant of religious content

To celebrate this significant event, it is customary to give fine gifts for domestic use: Shabbat candlesticks,
Hanukkah menorah ,home blessings, Seder plate with matching matzah plate, mezuzah, wedding bands.
Another possible idea would be special gift jewelry and art, such as silver pendant for the bride.

Gift ideas for Jewish Holidays
Rosh Hashana:
Shabbat candlesticks, honey dish, Rosh Hashana plate.

Passover Gifts:
It is customary to give the host a nice addition to the Passover dinner, in the form of
Seder Plate, or matzah
plate. A new ritual article is Miriam’s cup that signifies the role of women in the Exodus story.

Hanukkah Gifts:
The most popular gifts are
Hanukkah menorahs, dreidels, special candle lighters,
Megilat Esther scroll, grogger,.
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